Name: Robot Dance - A dance in which someone dances as a humanoid robot. Several body joints are bent in unnatural ways to immitate creaking hinges while the rest of the body remains stiff.

Name: Vogue - Madonna from the 1990 Video Music Awards.

Name: Swing Dancing - A dance which dates back to the 1920's when the swing genre of music was popular.

Name: Napoleon Dynamite - The dance scene from Napolean Dynamite that turned this dance (as well as the movie) into a pop culture craze.

Name: Riverdance - Traditional Irish step dancing that involves rapidly moving legs while keeping rest of body stationary.

Name: The Macarena - A mid 90's dance craze made popular by the South American band Los Del Rio.

Name: Pulp Fiction dance - Popular dance scene with Uma Thurman and John Travolta from the movie Pulp Fiction.

Name: Crip Walk - A Dance that started off as a walking ritual for Crip gang members in Los Angeles. Today it is a well-known hip hop dance move.

Name: William Hung - American Idol fan's favorite reject William Hung made this dance popular while singing the song She Bangs by Ricky Martin.

Name: The Time Warp - From the movie the Rocky Horror Picture Show, in 1975

Name: Walk Like An Egyptian - By The Bangles, from 1986.

Name: The Locomotion - First recorded by Little Eva in 1962 and then made famous again in 1987 by Kylie Minogue.

Name: Elvis Dance - Ewan McGregor doing the Elvis Presley song.

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